A DOCUMENTARY SHORT ABOUT Peaks, Paint and a FRESH perspective

Pursuit of Beauty is a creative non-fiction, documentary focusing on one woman’s desire to see beauty amidst the mayhem of modern society. This script motivated piece tells the story of planar painter Lisa Martin who uses her thirst for adventure and her passion for art to search out new vantage points from which to see the world. Following Martin for two weeks of her arduous adventure over mountains and through valleys, Pursuit of Beauty draws attention not to the exhausting climbs, nor to the admirable motivations of her work, but rather to the positive aspects of getting outside her - and our - comfort zones.



Kassia is a writer, photographer and creative director with extensive experience working in and collaborating with marginalized communities around the world. Having spent five years in the nonprofit industry, she understands the metrics by which these organizations measure their impact, the fundraising trends through which they survive, and the complex community dynamics in which they operate.


AJ is a journalist and photojournalist with a Master’s Degree in visual anthropology. After working for years as a journalist and then as a marketing professional, he now leverages his skill set to provide digital storytelling for social impact. With the ability to film, edit, and direct, AJ is able to work lightly, efficiently, sometimes gracefully, and always unobtrusively in the field.