Disseminating social data in an accessible manner



The Office of Health Equity from the Colorado Department of Public Health was producing an equity report reflect the voices of individuals and organizations from across the State of Colorado. The final report would need to disseminate research findings, educate readers, and inspire social change among community members, organizations, and policy makers.


Leveraging our Creative Director’s background in public health, we collaborated with the organization to produce a report that made complex data accessible and divisive content appealing to a wide audience of community members and policy makers alike.



Creative Direction

Data Visualization

Report Layout

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Our collaboration began with an analysis of past publications. We identified creative opportunities to broaden the public appeal of the report by defining a style that was approachable and accessible to a diverse state-wide audience.

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Upon definition of a creative direction we launched into the visualization of complex data and social processes. We collaborated intimately with their team of public health experts to identify key messages as well as cultural sensitivities and audience biases. We then integrated these findings into compelling design. The visuals for the report ranged from simple graphics to complex illustrations.


The fruits our labor were ultimately combined to layout a very clear and visually engaging equity guide for the State of Colorado. The design had to reflect stakeholder voices, to accommodate the social complexity of equity issues, as well as be visually enticing to a diverse audience. The final product serves as a guide for both community organizing as well as local and state policy making. 

One K Creative - Work Samples - Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment-06.png