cityWILD is a bold effort to bring the typically exclusive world of outdoor experiential education to a diverse audience of low-income youth. Since 1998, cityWILD has been providing tuition-free, comprehensive experiential education programs for urban youth (6th-12th grades) from the greater Denver area. Its mission is to provide low income, culturally diverse youth with outdoor and environmental service learning opportunities that promote developmental themes of personal empowerment, leadership and community participation.

We work in partnership with cityWILD to provide routine communications content. To date we have helped to refine their print and digital presence, create annual appeals, fundraising collateral, and communications content. Most recently we followed cityWILD staff into the field to capture images of their programs and impact. Through climbing, rafting, and service work we were able to produce a set of visual assets that reflect the contagious energy of their impact on low income youth.